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It Happened 10 years Ago!

It took some times but we did it!

Often one wants to do something but there is not enough times, not enough resources or not enough knowledge. Indeed this is true but one needs to do what they think makes sense. It made sense to us and we hope other people get it too.

RETOURET is alive again and we are nurturing it with iterative efforts to make it better and more in line with our beliefs and the world we believe in.

So keep watching our news for our updates and news.

It all started with... a simple idea: 'making just one watch only and a watch we could take with us on vacation'.

We are watch collectors and it is not a secret that we prefer practical watches than display pieces. We debated between a pilot watch and a diver watch when we started. Members can follow each other, write and reply to comments and receive blog notifications. Each member gets their own personal profile page that they can customize.

At the beginning:

We like mechanical things with loads of analog characters and were looking at both hand rewind and automatic rewind movements.

Some rules we followed from the outset:

  1. Hand made in small numbers: hence, the decision to craft serial watches, that is watches made in limited edition with batch numbers and sequential numbers.

  2. Made in Switzerland. This is the origin and home for the brand plus we believe in the craftsmanship from Switzerland to give us the foundation to deliver excellence.

  3. Only use quality movement with established reliability.

  4. Go above and beyond what others are doing.

  5. Take our time and be patient. We wanted this watch to be right the first time.

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