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RETOURET was founded by two brothers, Pierre Hippolyte Retouret a skilled jeweler (1828-1892), and Benoit Félix Retouret a clock and watchmaker (1832-1868) who were from Limoges, France. Pierre moved to Paris in 1857 to open their first store 45 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, while his brother Benoit stayed in Limoges to manufacture the watches. In 1868, after the death of Benoit, Pierre moved to Geneva with his wife Clémence Honorine Courmont ( 1838- 1922)

to relocate his store and the production of his watches in 18 Grand Quai, Geneva. From this time on, the watches were signed with “RETOURET, Fabricant à Paris et Genève”.
The company was known for being a watchmaker finisher specialized in complicated astronomical watches with unusual movement bridges, intricate jewelry designs, and high quality retrograde perpetual calendars.

Pierre et Clémence Retouret had two children but they both passed away while being young, and no one was able to carry the flame beyond the original founders’ lifetime. In 2014, Franck Vigneron and Mehdi Ajroudi, two brothers from France stepped on the scene as the new owners of RETOURET, setting things in motion. Now, RETOURET is both paying tributes to the original roots of the brand and gaining its inspiration from its new owners. Their know-how of the ins and outs of the brand are exactly in line with RETOURET’s essence. 


With the same level of detailed precision as in the past

RETOURET continuously creates and innovates its timepieces pieces by calling on its in-house design workshop expertise, and its network of ultra-specialized individual artisans. RETOURET is always focusing on its customers, meeting their needs, and contributing to their lifestyle rather than just designing watches. Even though RETOURET watches traditionally appeal to collectors, they increasingly attract new generations of customers interested in its engineered and functional look. History of Retouret



A high level of individualism and uniqueness to its clients

Today, the company proposes a high level of individualism and exclusivity based on a very limited amount of watches being crafted under a concept named ‘serial watchmaking’ where a confidential number of watches are made within constantly changing iteration of watches from one batch to another. This level of exclusivity gives customers a more unique experience where they are less likely to find someone else wearing the same watch. Each watch comes in a low production number and each watch comes with its individual serial number which makes them all unique.



With a sustainable social and environmental impact

RETOURET believes that it is important to create and build a luxury watch while benefiting those in need. Luxury lifestyles are more precious if they positively affect the environment. RETOURET cares for communities in need, and hope that through positive activities and innovations it can inspire others. The brand is deeply involved in social entrepreneurship and communicates its actions directly to its customers. History of Retouret


Quality watch made by skillful Swiss

craftsmen using the finest components and techniques passed down from generations, sourced from exclusive and independent manufactures in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region. People wearing a RETOURET watch are less likely to come across someone wearing the same watch which is very reassuring when buying limited edition watches. Drawing from the brand’s heritage of excellence and quality engineering from the Swiss tradition to bring it into new territory, the new design is quickly becoming a success, marking a new step in the history of the company. RETOURET continuously creates and innovates its timepieces pieces by calling on its creative in-house design and expertise.

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